Drugs-of-abuse are a growing problem in our societies. This can be especially dangerous when consumers drive under their influence. Only in Europe, 10% of traffic accidents are due to substance of abuse. However, these drugs are hard to detect by police officers.

By combining nanocellulose with innovative concepts, Greensense provides a new solution: a smart and ecological drug detector device. The device can detect up to 5 different drugs.

First, the sensor detects the drug. Then, it sends the information to the micro-processor that analyses the information. This microchip is integrated with high added value printed electronics that provide with autonomy and wireless communication. Results are directly shown on the display and sent to the Smartphone by NFC for data storage.

The Greensense device aims to reduce environmental impact. It is mainly composed of nanocellulose, a sustainable and recyclable material. It is a low-cost device manufactured with automated printing techniques. It has a huge potential not only for security applications but for sports, hospitals and general public.

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