Leitat organised an event to discover the realm of nanomaterials this Wednesday 23rd of October with a group of high school students from Olot, which was inspired by the framework of EscoLab – a program of the Barcelona’s town hall –. Its aim is to open the doors of leading laboratories and research centers and also to offer the opportunity to students to talk with researchers working on cutting-edge topics.

Sandra Martínez, who is the coordinator of the Greensense project, presented the prototype that they are carrying out including its functioning through saliva, which is able to detect 5 different drugs; the components of the device, such as the biosensor made by RISE, the supercaps, the NFC antennas and the nanocellulose; which is the main differentiating component of the project because is recyclable and organic. Therefore, the students were learnt how nanomaterials have entered in our daily lives through a quizz.

Not only the Project coordinator was motivating the meetup, but also the Leitat’s team, which was helping to answer the questions that the students had about the origins of nanomaterials, how are manufactured, which are their advantages or they risks, etc. Furthermore, the team explained how safety is being managed in the laboratories. Students could then visit them and see the equipment necessary for working in the field of nanotechnology.

Sandra Martínez guiding the highschool students through the labs.
Vicenç Pomar presenting research activities in the field of nanosafety.


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