The activities of the GREENSENSE project were initiated in January 2018. This PILOTS-05-2017 Research and innovation action aims at developing a Sustainable, Wireless, Autonomous Nanocellulose-based Quantitative DoA Biosensing Platform. The project received a grant of 7,9M€ from the Horizon 2020 framework programme of the European Union and will last until December 2021.

In GREENSENSE we propose the development of a sustainable nanocellulose-based hybrid printed biosensing platform for Drug-of-Abuse (DoA) analysis, that integrates high-added value printed electronic components (a new biosensor, a NFC antenna, an energy storage system and an electrochromic display) with an enabling silicon microchip capable of multi sensor interrogation, data processing and management and wireless communication.

The final flexible, recyclable and ultra-low power consumption NC-based biosensing platform will be mass producible and, therefore, cost-effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

To achieve the targeted objectives described above an international and multidisciplinary consortium has been assembled: LEITAT (Spain), AIT (Austria), MELODEA Ltd (Israel), RISE ACREO (Sweden) and RISE INNVENTIA (Sweden), INFINEON TECHNOLOGIES AUSTRIA (Austria), ATLAS MEDICAL (Jordan), GENES’INK (France), IMST GMBH (Germany), PRO-ACTIVE (Belgium), PRELONIC (Austria), EMPA (Switzerland) and COATEMA COATING MACHINERY GMBH (Germany).


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